Hire a car in Cyprus

The third-biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is a well known goal for holidaymakers.

Cyprus has a legendary past, renowned as the origin of the goddess Aphrodite and home to a trove of old fortunes. This radiant republic can assume praise for the most established wine on the planet, the weirdest and squeakiest cheddar on earth, and mouflon: wild and clearly timid sheep. From the saved Venetian dividers encompassing Nicosia, to the curious towns of Kakopetria, Cyprus has considerably more to offer than its exquisite coastline. What’s more, enlisting a vehicle is the ideal method to find every one of its insider facts.

Driving tips

In contrast to most of the world, Cyprus street clients drive on the left. This is an unforeseen pleasure for UK guests, yet for some different guests it’s an instance of becoming accustomed to the ‘opposite side.’
Keep your lights on thirty minutes previously dusk and 30 minutes after dawn. Police are known to force fines on the off chance that you don’t comply with this standard.

Have your permit with you in the vehicle in the event that you are ceased. Likewise have all your vehicle rental and protection subtleties.
Do your examination before you take off on any day trips. Some of the time the street quality can disintegrate and, while you might be alright with this, the vehicle rental specialist may not be. Plan ahead and endeavor to stay away from soil tracks or any streets where you are probably going to harm the vehicle.

Many fuel stations will be visited, so you most likely won’t have to fill the tank yourself. Furthermore, on the off chance that you can save some spare change as a little tip, it will be exceptionally valued.

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Holiday advice

The late spring temperatures in Cyprus can take off. Continuously keep jugs of water with you in the vehicle, and in the event that you can get hold of a sunshade for the vehicle when it’s left, shockingly better.

For untainted and calm: Try the Akamas Peninsula. Not exclusively are there an accumulation of staggering sandy retreats, you can see the ensured turtles of Lara Beach just as a plenitude of plant and natural life living in the broad national park on this cape.
For exuberant and energizing: go for Ayia Napa. You’ll have your pick of enticing bars and fish tavernas, and while you won’t have the shorelines to yourself, they surely are lovely.

Cyprus is covered with exquisite religious communities and chapels yet in the event that you plan on visiting a few, make sure to conceal.
Kleftiko, stifado and halloumi are must-trys on the off chance that you need to encounter bona fide Cypriot food. Search your budget car rental deals with Budget car booking.

Holiday favourite

The Capital of Culture 2017 is a massively well known place to occasion in Cyprus. It’s an incredible base supposing that you would prefer not to drive regular, Paphos itself offers a range of activities.
Saunter along sun-heated boulevards punctuated with citrus trees, taste antiquated wine, discover feasting delights and unwind on the shoreline – it’s everything conceivable in Paphos.

You can share in some genuinely sudden exercises for a shoreline resort. A looked for after decision for guests is the Eagle Mountain Ranch, where you can trek the slopes on horseback. Head into the dusty wilds on a dusk endeavor and catch the city and sea underneath in the sparkling, evening light.

Around the bend, wildflowers develop among the popular design stays of Kato. Mind boggling mosaics and great Greek segments are both fine instances of the nation’s legacy showed here.

Popular destinations


Limassol’s feature is its marina, loaded up with shops and eateries along the waterside. Perpetual palm trees line the 13km promenade – a quiet place to walk around multi day in the vehicle (or run in case you’re feeling fiery!).
Water sports are famous here just as Fasouri Watermania – the neighborhood waterpark

Somewhere down in the core of a timberland of pine, Platres sits at the foot of the Troodos extend, making it an incredible base for admirers of the outside.
Hope to see the Caledonia and Millomeris Waterfalls – the most elevated on the island – customary religious communities and the neighborhood town of Omodos while you’re there.

While the encompassing area might be known for its humming nightlife, the city of Larnaca is loaded up with culture and history.
Adjacent, become acquainted with the neighborhood flamingos at Larnaca Salt Lake, or take to the water and experience one of the world’s best wreck plunging destinations, Zenobia.

Nicosia is the largest city, capital, and seat of government of the island of Cyprus. It is located near the centre of the Mesaoria plain, on the banks of the River Pedieos. Nicosia is the southeasternmost of all EU member states’ capitals.